Integrated Transactions provides technology based payment acceptance solutions to help businesses accept Credit/Debit/Purchasing Cards in the most efficient manner while saving money on the associated costs.  Whether accepting payments online, in person, over the phone or through a mobile device, our PCI/DSS Compliant Solutions were developed to deliver efficiencies in accepting payments and reduce the associated fees, while protecting your clients through our patented impenetrable security environment.

About Us


Integrated Transactions is a Platinum Preferred Partner of CardConnect, one of First Data’s largest ISO’s.  We take a consultative approach in analyzing our client’s business environment and implementing industry leading solutions, customized to to meet the needs of the ever changing, complex payment acceptance industry.

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Contact us today to learn more about Integrated Transactions and how our unique solutions can help your business, reduce the risk of a data breach, and accelerate receivables by efficiently accepting credit and purchase cards.

Why We’re Different

Our Payment processing solutions are distinguished by best-in-class security,  customized solutions, robust reporting, and transparent pricing.



Our enterprise advanced Merchant Center reporting solution provides a suite of reports and query tools for businesses and multichannel organizations, providing the data needed to reconcile payment transactions, optimize processing, manage fraud and streamline business operations.  Control your business by identifying and reducing payment processing errors, along with downgrades and chargebacks.


Payment Security is a topic on everyone’s minds these days.  Utilizing the CardConnect Gateway and CardSecure patented security technology, we ensure all sensitive payment data is secure and never at risk of a data breach – maintaining the integrity of your brand while keeping your customers sensitive data out of the hands of malicious hackers.

Interchange Management

Interchange accounts for roughly 85% of the cost to accept credit cards.  At Integrated Transactions, we focus on reducing both the Interchange collected by the Card Issuers and Processing Fees levied by the Processors.  Our proactive approach to Interchange Management ensures all transactions are processed at the lowest possible cost every time.



Transparency is a central tenet of how we work.  We walk you through every aspect of the payment processing program.  Our fees are straightforward and our statements are easy to understand. If you have a question, we’re here to help.  With all our clients, we use Interchange-Plus pricing which is the most transparent way to charge a merchant account because merchants know exactly what Visa and MasterCard are charging.