Integrated Transactions provides CardConnect’s technology based payment acceptance solutions, helping businesses accept Credit, Debit, and Purchasing Cards in the most efficient manner while saving money on the associated costs.  Whether accepting payments online, in person, over the phone or through a mobile device, our PCI/DSS Compliant Solutions were developed to deliver efficiencies in accepting payments and reduce the associated fees, while protecting your clients through our patented impenetrable CardSecure Payment Security environment.

About Us


Integrated Transactions is a Platinum Preferred Partner of CardConnect, one of First Data’s largest ISO’s.  We take a consultative approach in analyzing our client’s business environment and implementing industry leading payment acceptance solutions, customized to meet the needs of the ever changing, complex payment acceptance industry.  Understanding your payment acceptance environment, along with analyzing how the associated monthly processing fees are applied, allows us to positively make an impact at your business.

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Contact us today to learn more about Integrated Transactions.  Contact Integrated Transactions to understand how our advanced payment processing solutions can help your businesses payment acceptance environment, eliminate the risk of a data breach, and accelerate receivables by efficiently accepting credit, debit, and purchase cards.  We are confident Integrated Transactions will make a positive impact at your business.

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Why We’re Different…

Our Payment processing solutions are distinguished by best-in-class security,  customized solutions, advanced reporting, and transparent pricing.


CardConnect Merchant Center

CardConnect’s Merchant Center provides businesses an intelligent Virtual Terminal and advanced Reporting environment.  A suite of reports and query tools for businesses and businesses with multi-channel organizations, provides the data needed to reconcile payment transactions, optimize processing, manage fraud and streamline business operations.

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CardSecure™ Payment Security

CardSecure Payment Security takes payment protection to a new level by combining Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with a patented tokenization process and secure off-site storage.  CardSecure patented security technology protects your customers and your business from a data breach by disguising credit card data and other Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII).


Interchange Management

The CardConnect Gateway provides Interchange Optimization which manages the Interchange.  Our proactive approach to Interchange Management ensures each transaction processed qualifies at the optimal Interchange Rate every time. We conduct a thorough Interchange Analysis by reviewing each Interchange Rate applied and provide the Interchange Optimization savings your business.


 Transparent Approach

We guide our clients through every aspect of the payment processing program.  Thoroughly understanding a businesses payment acceptance environment allows us to propose a logical payment solutions summary.   We focus on reducing both the Interchange collected by the Card Issuers, as well as reduce the associated processing fees levied by the Processors.

Watch this video to see how we help merchants accept payments securely and efficiently. A simple concept that’s growing in complexity.

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